Gnome March World Record Attempt

Saturday, April 26 2014

Please join the Krewe of the Grateful Gluttons and the Euclid Avenue Yacht Club for our Annual Gnome March World Record Attempt!

Slideshow of Previous Attempts

There’s Gno Place Like Gnome!


It is time for our annual run at the Guinness' World Record for "Largest Gathering of People Dressed as Garden Gnomes" in the Inman Park Festival Parade! First, we got stomped by the Canadians in a narrow loss involving shady dealings with the movie, Gnomio & Juliette. We were 40 Gnomes short. Then, the BBC got in the game – a freakin’ broadcasting network - beat the Canadians in 2011 with 478 Gnomes. Their record still stands. Hey, no one has more fun losing than we do - however, WE PLAY TO WIN! So, have a Gnome Hat Making Party! Wear your Gnome glad rags to your Earth Day Volunteer Project - and recruit those people! There is Gno Place Like Gnome, and everyone is invited! You can pick up some red felt for your hat and make your Gnome Issue sign at the Freedom Farmers Market on April 12!

Ulterior Motive Reminder: The world record attempt is a vehicle to bring global attention to important Gnome Issues.
Make a parade sign with your pet Gnome Issue! The Gnomenclature is the best! Fight Gnomophobia!


The winners set the standards, so we have to follow the Brits requirements to claim the title: 


Our count will occur AT THE END of the parade in the Gnome Mushroom in Gnome Field (see picture). Enter through the stem only to be counted. Gnomeland Security will mind the mushroom perimeter. If we have 479 Gnomes, we have to stay together in the mushroom for 5 minutes - and film it. Pack a cocktail! Pull up a piece of grass. Victory party at the Euclid Avenue Yacht Club afterwards!

Per Guinness, we all need "full gnome costumes." We argued that Atlanta Gnomes are crossdressers and Guinness graciously conceded! Overalls and boots are acceptable Gnome costumes for ALL! See full Guinness costume requirements below. The aprons were very beautiful last year!

A RED pointy hat is our requirement.

Can't wait to play with you!

Guinness Costume Requirements:

"4. A full male gnome costume consists of the following:

  • One of the following combinations: collared shirt and vest OR brightly coloured tunic and belt
  • Beard
  • Pointed RED hat
  • Boots.

5. A full female gnome costume consists of the following:

  • One of the following combinations: solid-coloured or patterned dress with apron OR shirt and skirt with suspenders
  • Pointed RED hat
  • Boots

6. Any participants not dressed in the full costume must be discounted from the final total." We will discount any gnome in a non-red hat."